Broken Dreams

I met my dreams in you
the things you do I wasn’t used to.
The kindness you shown me I will always remember,
Even after December.

The way you held my hands tight,
would always make my day bright.
When I felt that kiss you gave me
I can still remember my glee.

I felt protected every minute we were together
even though it didn’t last forever.
Now I shed these tears,
and I feel everything but cheers.

No, I didn’t write this poem to get you back
cause now I see my future with you is pitch black.
I wrote this poem not for that,
I hope you see where I’m getting at.

Writing this will help get myself in shape.
Cause I know it’s something I can’t escape.
My eyes no longer shed any tears for you,
because it’s my heart that’s having a hard time getting through.

I really hope you read this,
because I still remember our first kiss.
When we first met that day
I didn’t know this is what I had to pay.

But if they ask would I do it all over again if I could??
My answers will always be I would.
Even though I now know the result.
Pretending like I didn’t care about you will be an insult.

This is it for now I guess.
I just need to do this and express.
I have many more things to say but I will stop it.
Before I go. I’ll say I understand you, and that I admit.

“It’s not the good-bye that hurts, but the flashback that follows.” ~Unknown



They say home is where your heart is.
But that raises questions.
Where exactly is your heart at?
Making home adjustment can affect a heart.

Moving places to places can lose someone’s heart.
Leaving a homeless heart wondering around.
Making a person wonder where they want to be.
Cause this is not where I want to be.

My heart is nowhere to be found,
and it makes me wonder who I am.
Or where I want to be.
I am stuck in a place where I don’t want to be in.

I left my heart in a place it felt safe.
While I bring myself in a place my soul doesn’t want to be in.
Where myself, my soul, and my heart doesn’t agree.
To a point where being lonely is my only solution.

Tolerating the pain and suffering I feel.
Although in my head this situation isn’t as bad as I feel.

My head can’t really convince my long gone heart to feel safe.
My head can’t convince a soul that feels lost.
My head can’t convince my body not feel weak.
My head can just keep coping with the present.
“It takes a family to build a house, but only a heart can build a home.” ~ Unknown


Sitting here alone,

looking out the window.

Letting my thoughts dance around.

Thinking how things would’ve turn out,

if I just have the courage to drop my pride.

Letting time run away from my palms.

Each moment I stare out here,

and think about what to do.

Is a moment gone that I can be with you.

Tears visits me,

while confusion filled my thoughts.

Decisions to make,

and looking at results.

So I sit here alone,

to wait for myself.

For the minute I gather up courage

to drop my pride,

and be with you again.

“It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don’t lose someone you love over your pride.” ~Unknown