My story

The person I really am.

Is the person many people will disagree.

Soft, sweet, kind, and daydream look.

Will just be the beginning of my book.

Understanding everyone is what I do best.

It is a gift I consider to be a bless.

Listening to others is my quest,

and helping people around me to progress.

Tolerance and patience are my defense.

Being alone is how I rejuvenate.

My silence or short words will leave you in suspense.

But my laughter and smile is how I communicate.

Trying to understand how I act will only bring confusion.

For the rhythm I do are always offbeat.

I can be anything unexpected even an illusion.

Without any of these I would be incomplete.

For even with just a wave

I can make someone crave.

This is how my story goes.

I have many more to discover that no one knows.

“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me. All I ask is that you respect me as human being.” ~Jackie Robinson



We meet people who we share and make moments with.

They give us reasons to smile, love, and be happy.

Bringing joy, laughter, tears, and meaning to life.

Spending moments together and forgetting everything,

and feel nothing but that warm, joy, and love inside us.

Making every moment as memorable as the last,

and creating an everlasting memory.

Locking those amazing memory in our hearts and mind.

For when the moment come to past we remember.

We remember that ol’ feeling we felt,

and remembering how special those moments were.

Which now became a memory.

“People say that bad memories cause the most pain, but actually it’s the good ones that drive you insane.” ~Unknown


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Today is your special day!

Where people you don’t even talk to greet you.

Men! Don’t that give you stomach flu.

And people you don’t even know gifts you.

That makes me wanna smack em with tennis shoe.

This year your back will crack,

making you drop back.

More headaches will come along,

the hell let’s just break down to our drinking song.

Today I’ll laugh at you for being old,

I know it’ll sound cold.

But you know I love you,

and one day you’ll be doing that same thing too.


“Happy Birthday! May your facebook page be filled with messages from people you never talk to!” ~Unknown

Happy Birthday

Special Someone

Having someone in your life who appreciate you for who you are is a grand.

Being able to tell them the most horrific story yet they’ll still stay

and find out what happens in the end of your story.

Someone who understands you and understands everything you do.

Someone who is able to tell you whether you’re right or wrong,

but still stick by your side no matter what.

Someone who can create memories with you, that’ll last a life time.

And when you know your day is incomplete without being able to talk to that person.

The one who proves you that someone in this world is willing to stay with you.

No matter how filthy your past was or how dirty your life will ever get.

When they’re not only with you when the sun shines upon you,

but also with you through your darkest hour.

Who’ll comfort you when you’re crying over the stupidest things,

but will also laugh with you for being stupid.

When they can brighten your day with their simple “hello”,

but makes you sad with their “goodbyes”.

You’ll know that person is worth something,

when you know you can’t live without them.

So I wrote this poem to show how much I appreciate a special person in my life.


“Someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, and how hard you are to handle, but still wants you in their life.” ~Unknown


You thought they’ll stay, and give you what you were promised.

Would you be surprise if I tell you they’re plotting to leave you right now??

Would you be hurt if I tell you they are done playing with you and you mean nothing now??

What if I tell you, your so called ‘friends’ are backstabbing you right now??

Or how would feel if I tell you, your precious family lied to you??

That you were just one of the toys who was foolish enough to believe.

I can take your pain away.

Imagine being in a glass room, without any doors.

You’re standing in the middle of that safe room.

Here comes your family knocking on the glass, and just waiting for you to break it down.

Ignore it.

You’re still ignoring and their still knocking.

But, now here comes the people who you call friends.

Slamming their fist on that glass: yelling, screaming, and begging for you to break it down.

Ignore them.

Now they start to cry and give up. That’s good now expand your barricade.

Now imagine bunch of barb wires, and spikes emerging from the ground around your glass room.

Those are great because now your family is backing up on their own.

Oh great!

Now here comes the lover.

With his cannon beside him, while holding a bat at hand.

We can take him down easily.

Now bring out the concrete walls with electric wires around.

His trying his hard to get in, but he can’t. You won’t let him.

They’re a joke if they think they can bring down your defenses.

Stop. Now look. Just look beyond your walls.

Your so called ‘friends’ doesn’t want to be around you anymore.

Your family is ten miles away,

and your poor ‘lovers’ can’t think of anymore ideas to break down your wall.

Now tell me. Doesn’t that make you feel better and safer?

Now, no one can hurt you anymore.


“Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.” ~ Hercules

Warm Nights

The day you came in my life I was happy,

The time we’ve spent together was short

but each moment was unforgettable.

The day you left me I couldn’t feel anything but cold and darkness around me.

The day you went away was the day you took away all the warm feelings,

and carried it all with you..

Everyday I was hoping you’d come back and bring joy in my life.

Missing all those nights where I feel your arms all around me.

And finally I never thought that this day would come!

When you came back for me and you brought the sunlight back!

Took the dark nights away and brought fireflies and bonfires to light up the night!

Oh Summer how I missed you!

How I almost lost all my hopes and here you are again with your hot weather and cool breeze!

Enjoying every minute with you,

cause I know soon you’ll leave me again during winter.


“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever” ~ Unknown


Happy Mother’s Day

You might not believe this.

But, A superwoman you are.

Such powers you hold

No, no elevation but affection.

No, not flying but loving

Not like spider man, but handyman of our life.

These super heroes are nothing compared to a kind of power you hold.

We might make stupid mistakes, but you always find ways.

You try your best to set us to the right path

and for that we thank you, all that much.

Today we celebrate Mother’s day.

So, have a Happy Mother’s day beloved mother.


“All that I am or hope to be. I owe to my angel Mother.” ~ Abraham Lincoln