You thought they’ll stay, and give you what you were promised.

Would you be surprise if I tell you they’re plotting to leave you right now??

Would you be hurt if I tell you they are done playing with you and you mean nothing now??

What if I tell you, your so called ‘friends’ are backstabbing you right now??

Or how would feel if I tell you, your precious family lied to you??

That you were just one of the toys who was foolish enough to believe.

I can take your pain away.

Imagine being in a glass room, without any doors.

You’re standing in the middle of that safe room.

Here comes your family knocking on the glass, and just waiting for you to break it down.

Ignore it.

You’re still ignoring and their still knocking.

But, now here comes the people who you call friends.

Slamming their fist on that glass: yelling, screaming, and begging for you to break it down.

Ignore them.

Now they start to cry and give up. That’s good now expand your barricade.

Now imagine bunch of barb wires, and spikes emerging from the ground around your glass room.

Those are great because now your family is backing up on their own.

Oh great!

Now here comes the lover.

With his cannon beside him, while holding a bat at hand.

We can take him down easily.

Now bring out the concrete walls with electric wires around.

His trying his hard to get in, but he can’t. You won’t let him.

They’re a joke if they think they can bring down your defenses.

Stop. Now look. Just look beyond your walls.

Your so called ‘friends’ doesn’t want to be around you anymore.

Your family is ten miles away,

and your poor ‘lovers’ can’t think of anymore ideas to break down your wall.

Now tell me. Doesn’t that make you feel better and safer?

Now, no one can hurt you anymore.


“Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.” ~ Hercules