Warm Nights

The day you came in my life I was happy,

The time we’ve spent together was short

but each moment was unforgettable.

The day you left me I couldn’t feel anything but cold and darkness around me.

The day you went away was the day you took away all the warm feelings,

and carried it all with you..

Everyday I was hoping you’d come back and bring joy in my life.

Missing all those nights where I feel your arms all around me.

And finally I never thought that this day would come!

When you came back for me and you brought the sunlight back!

Took the dark nights away and brought fireflies and bonfires to light up the night!

Oh Summer how I missed you!

How I almost lost all my hopes and here you are again with your hot weather and cool breeze!

Enjoying every minute with you,

cause I know soon you’ll leave me again during winter.


“The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever” ~ Unknown



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