Blinded by love

Love is a pathetic word people use.

They say they feel love when in reality they’re just blind.

They’re blinded by what the other person tells them.

They say they’re in love with someone,

but always end up in heartache.

They keep their hopes up,

not knowing what the dark has in store for that relationship.

They said it’ll last, but not both believe.

Both say I love you while one plans to hurt you.

He who plans try to blind you with this word,

while your pathetic self believe the words so called the truth.

Once the darkness approaches your door you start regretting everything and curse everyone;

while in reality it is you to blame.

It is you who accepted to be blinded by such sweet talk!

It is you who believed that the words are true!

Yet you blame everyone around you!

While you weep and cry, the demon already has the last laugh.

And you can do nothing but get back up,

and avoid the same poisonous word that was shoved down your throat and toss it in the trash;

making sure yourself doesn’t get blinded by the same demon again.

“Love is no blind- it see more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less.” ~ Unknown