Long Distance Relationship

Hours on the phone,

and each moment is special.

“Good morning” messages

oh how I wish you are here.

Deep words of feelings

mean the whole world.

Both dreaming about each other.

Patiently waiting,

for that special day to come.

Where we meet each other,

and hold on tight.

Waiting for that first kiss

to land upon your lips.

To wake up seeing you by my side,

realizing it’s reality.

“Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.” ~ unknown



Rage, violence, and unthinkable plots

can hurt people in our life.

Whenever we let anger,

take the best of us.

We tend to say things we regret.

Our minds plot unthinkable events

knowing it’ll hurt someone.

We can control it,

but the fact that we let

emotions take over us.

It seems impossible to do.

We get violent knowing

it’ll satisfy our anger’s needs.

We say or let words out that

will stab people,

not being able to control the things we say.

Also the reason why  we say

“I hate you,” deeply. Thinking we mean it.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison, and expecting the other person to die.” ~ Buddha


Love it’s for everybody.

Anybody who has a heart,

where two hearts is combined

together as one.

Not looks is what is seen,

but the affection being shown.

Not possession is what is being loved,

but the feelings that is given.

Two hearts that are content with one another,

filled with happiness and indescribable feeling.

Two people who shares trust, honesty, and faith.

Two people willing to work out things

in fear of losing one another.

The feeling that you can’t stand a minute

without thinking about a certain person.

They’re the reason why gloomy days turn bright.

The one and only reason why you say

I love you and mean it every single time.

“When I tell you I love you, I don’t say it out of the habit. I say it to remind you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” ~ Unknown